7th August and 19th July

are the last times that David and Ruth respectively spoke.

So far this year David has been in 43 episodes, Ruth in 42.

That seems a lot fewer than they are generally in.


The downside is that they’re probably making way for the next generation…

Ben to be the new Freda?


It’s awfully strange, isn’t it? Quite a dearth of Archers in general these days, it’s noticeable in the cast lists.

It’s just that after all these years of people complaining about Felicity Finch’s acting ability or lack of it and the cod Georgie accent, it’s hardly likely that they’d choose now to respond yet still inflect the ghastly Pip on us. I know we had a brief respite from the yodelling one, but she’s back now!

It’s hard to decide which one is the worse torture for the ears and I’d be profoundly grateful if they’d get rid of both. Pip would be easy to replace. She only needs to go away and stay away this time for a couple of years and come back with a different actor. I think Ruth would have to die, it would be too difficult to recast the part, but that’s fine with me.

Anyway, long may it last. I don’t mind David, I think Tim Bentinck is adequate as David, so he can stay!


Praising with faint damns…


It’s all relative, innit, Joe? Compared with DB and FF he’s a Thespian virtuoso. Actually, he’s a good reader of audiobooks, he read some of Ngaio Marsh’s. Funnily enough he does the David voice for Nigel Bathgate when Nigel is being particularly stupid.


S’good innit?
Don’t knock it.