And welcome to tonight's episode of…

…making it all about yourself.

How self-absorbed can you get?


Which one of them in particular?

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Maybe Helen being his ‘favourite cousin’ is not so incomprehensible after all.

I know I tend say I want to do fearful things to characters, usually partly in jest, but tonight I wanted to hit Adam very hard indeed in the face and to go on doing so for some considerable time, before delivering a testicle-rupturing kick to the area it would do most good.
And then to slap Lilian around a bit for her craven grovelling, when what she should have done was driven him from her house with a hail of imprecations and home truths.


I like your way of thinking.


The actor must surely have thought and probably said, hang on a minute, this is total bollox. Hats off to both Sunny and Andrew for actually being able to deliver such risible lines.

I am now blessed with an Amazon virtual servant so when something on the radio displeases me I can now say Alexa, stop it! And silence reigns. I’m feeling a bit all powerful and very lazy and impolite. :no_mouth:


It’s a hard task trying to work out which one of Ian and Adam is the more sanctimonious and self-absorbed. I’ve decided that it is whichever one happens to have spoken last and tonight it was Adam. Go on, Adam, blame Auntie Lilian for upsetting Ian, how nice! Ian being upset couldn’t have anything to do with your own past behaviour or present inability to keep quiet about what you saw, could it? Oh, and the fact that Ian is a pratt too.


Please would you be kind enough to stop firing missiles over Japan, then. Kim Jon-Marge? It makes everyone a bit nervous.


Yes. If you have to aim your missiles anywhere… There’s this wannabe frog in Brussels… Name of Barnier… Now he really needs a damned good missiling. :full_moon_with_face:


At the BBC, sanctimony goes with the names Ian and Adam.

'Cept at EE where a character named Ian is played by a bloke named Adam.
But that’s just them hedging their bets.