And why is Shula

(only the very cruel would say that the question is complete as it stands)

And why is Shula being written as a complete and insensitive idiot? Whether or not one likes the character, I think it is fair to say that this degree of blinkered stupidity (and the monomanic obsession about the ruddy jacket) is out of character.
It would be more like Shula to go and buy/hire him another because he is too busy or stressed. She probably wouldn’t get it right, but the impulse would have been to be helpful.

Or am I talking utter rot?


I didn’t hear the episode or the repeat, Gus, but it has been getting on my nerves too about the sodding jacket

As has the discussion about the music for the Hunt Ball - first thing that you do is book the band, usually a year in advance…

Bluddy inconsistencies , and, as you say, blinkered stupidity. All par for the course ATM




She can be pretty stupid and insensitive. Remember Darrell, him? She let him deflect her from a conversation with Dan when one of the Hebden grandparents had died, forget which one. And she was oblivious to the fact that neither her husband nor her son wanted Darrell in the house.

But bouncing in with the latest gossip about the practice and pointing out all the negative aspects of the complaint against it, when Alistair was trying to cheer himself up by saying it would all be all right … that was really stupid and insensitive.

I quite like Shula most of the time and I don’t find her sanctimonious as many say she is. She is usually hardest on herself.


I like Shula – when she isn’t being messed about with to make the next “dramatic” confrontations happen.