As a bit of much-needed light relief…

… after Shula and Lily’s nauseating (and entirely groundless) sanctimony, how nice to hear Kate getting royally shafted - twice.


Yes, that was good!

I wasn’t happy to hear Alistair misplay his hand, so to speak. How is moving out of The Stables ‘showing’ Shula, which is what he seems to think he is doing. He should stick his ground and tough it out. Never leave the marital home.

But yay for Jennifer and Roy. Though why Debbie couldn’t have pointed all of that out to her weeks ago, I have no idea.


Roy definitely played a blinder. I guessed that his wilful inability to understand what she was getting at right from the start would mean he was not going to offer her a bed at his house (which, anyhow? One has him in it, one has Kirsty, and the third has Phoebe) but I hadn’t anticipated his total put-down of her.