Avoiding Spoilers

If you want to make sure you don’t see anything from the Spoilers section:

  • Click on your user icon (top right), then the cogwheel for Preferences.
  • Scroll down to “Categories”.
  • Click in the “Muted” box and type “Spoilers”; it’ll pop up a box containing a green square with “Spoilers” next to it.
  • Click on that.
  • Click on “Save Changes” at the bottom of the page.

This will remove any Spoilers threads from the lists of posts you get. If you want to dip in, you can always go to “Categories” and delve in there.


Good to know, Feral_Techie. I shall also make sure there is no spoiler contained in the title of a spoiler thread.

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That will do no harm, but should not actually be necessary - someone who’s muted Spoilers won’t even see thread titles unless they clock on the Spoilers section. Of course, they might do that by accident.

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Belts and braces, innit! I thought I would make it so that someone has actually to click on the thread to see anything spoiler-like. I remember the day before Nigel plunged off the roof, some idiot posted ‘Nigel is not in the cast list!’, which was impossible not to see. Even I, who love spoilers, didn’t want to see that!

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I remember that - they were the subject of my one and only catpee on the Beeb board1. It wasn’t just Nigel; every time a suggestion was made about who was going to be dedded, up they popped with “It can’t be X because they’re in next week’s cast list”.

1Actually, that's not quite true; I once tried to catpee myself, after mentioning Dopey getting to keep the "Clot of the Year" trophy permanently. Unfortunately, I hit an adjacent vowel…

I managed to spoil SATTC twice over for myself. First by logging onto the messageboard and seeing that thread, then after the plunge, when it wasn’t one hundred per cent sure he was dead (though really, considering that scream…) I looked at the news the next day and saw that Vanessa Whitburn had referred to a ‘life and a death’ as being ‘iconic’. I remember when the interviewer questioned her on that, she claimed she had said ‘potential death’ in a vain effort to back-pedal. Oops!

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