Beekeeping for beginners

Why? Just - why?

And why must I pad this to twenty characters?

Must you, still? I thought that had been sorted out. I’ll test it.


Nope, that seems to be ok. Did you mean the header? I thought that too had been sorted.

Frankly, it’s more useful for TA to highlight beekeeping and bee problems than it is to have Helen suffering a brief bout of coercive control. imo, obvs, much though I enjoyed Little Miss Biter being bit.

Maybe Pip told the bees what she’d done and the poor things couldn’t take the shock.

As to ‘why?’, well it’s obvious, innit. Kirsty will suddenly break out in hives.


That’s an 'orrible pun, Gus.

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Thank you, Fanta.

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I got the “minimum 20 characters” message when the post was just the first line - it went away when I added the second. The minimum must still apply to opening posts. I’ll try it out on the staff board.

I should add that under normal circumstances I’d have welcomed a prolonged bee scene, but I couldn’t see why this episode needed padding, given the rather momentous events of Friday.

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I expect they were after Contrast; on the one hand the simmering row, on the other the peaceable beekeeping.

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I think they’re trying to give Kirsty a reason to be.

Or to bee.

Or not Toe-Bee.

I’ll bee getting my coat. Hive said enough.


Kirsty said Jill was “The Heart of Brookfield” - that makes her Queen Bee. The rest of the storyline was (I hope) a metaphor for the collapse of the hive and death of the workers once The Beating Fart’s dirty little secret eventually comes out.

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Brookfield has two hearts?

I wonder whether it is an Apalapucian or a Gallifreyan.

The sonic screwdriver will not save her.