Behold! I tell you, a mystery…

A while ago, we were led to believe (sound familiar?) that young Rooooaaaarrrggghhheeee, in the true spirit of a Boy Scout (Lend A Hand, LAH, LAH, LAH! - (actually, I think that might be The Brownies! (…whoops!)) gave the blossoming Meeeaaaaaarrrrgggh (plus all the Grundgie Groceries) a lift on his bike! (…er, um ???). At first, I thought perhaps it might have been a motor-bike, but as far as I remember, the Corpulent Priest is “the only leather-boy in the village” (so to speak) - anyone have any ideas since the conclusion/resolution/development to that storyline/quandary/mystery seems to still be hanging in the air!

I thought perhaps the enterprising young squire had procured one of those “cargo” bikes - anyone remember those? …small front-wheel, normal-sized rear-wheel, heavy duty frame with huge, square carrier in front to carry boxes/cargo (and friends when I was a kid) etc. Many of those I saw as a nipper had the name of the establishment writ large on the sides of the carrier.

I think we should be told!

(BTW I was in the process of solving this mystery back in Mustardland, but was banned (!!!) for using capital letters (or shouterising certain words (for emphasis you understand!)) and so I still am curious, gangreen¹!

¹ film (and Bianchi bike) buffs might get this one :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I thought it was I Am Curious, Yellow… Or possibly Blue.

I think Ruairi went back to school fairly immediately after giving Mia a lift; and I think it was just a plain ordinary bicycle.

We try not to discuss other boards here, on the whole.


OK, I s’pose I should read the rules! (re. colour, yes, the original was “yellow” but being an ardent fan of Bianchi bicycles, I love their trademark “green” (which they name “Celeste”)), however Bianchi also make a cross-over bike, in a darker, brownish colour which they named “gangreen” :grinning:


Seems fair.

For a long time, IACY was showing at a cinema just down from Trafalgar Square, and I saw it being advertised every time I got a bus in the direction.