“Blame the temp”


So that would be Alice, then.


That was my instant thought!


How long has this maternity cover lasted so far?

I think it was shortly after Kate came back, so 2015? Are Price Baumann in the habit of employing elephants?*

*I was about to say I can’t check Lowfield any more, but it seems to be back—YAY!! Actually, that deserves its own thread…


August/September 2016.


And how interesting it was when I did check:

18th July 2016
Alice has turned down the offer for the new job; she wants a higher wage and more holidays

For maternity cover? I’d forgotten that little gem. (Though I think it’s somewhat more excusable than the SWs forgetting about the maternity cover bit, what with their new-fangled computerised archive)


The new-fangled computerised archive is only any use if it is consulted; and unless you know that you need to consult it you are not going to do it, are you. It’s like people proof-reading their own book; they won’t notice mistakes they have themselves made, only ones added by the printer.