…deaf old me thort I heard “Karma” and my immediate thort was "…ah! Just desserts are about to be served to TheGrundgies! …about bloody time, if you ask me!
…and then I saw cast list and imagined “Carmen” might be the owner of a fine antique chair which she no longer needs and so is thinking about selling it on eBay…
…as in


Was she the woman in the tea shop through whom we found out that it wasn’t only in old age that The Bob Formerly Known As Mr Pullen was incapable of keeping control of what was in his pants?

(This all happened in AmEx, so don’t worry if it means nothing. A very silly and pointless SL which seemed to be attempting to channel Last Of The Summer Wine on one of its worst days.)


So Carmen has been allocated a voice? I think it’s a bit of a strange storyline, I wonder if Joe was secretly breeding an elite bloodline of ferrets! Anyone else want to hazard a guess?


I have just heard the repeat - I was out last night.

Toe-curling isn’t in it, & I can’t make any sense of the story lines at all

I didn’t listen to AmEx, & can’t be Harsed to try & work out the back-stories



It’s pretty yeck tonight too, Carinthia.