Champagne truffles for Lily


For her birthday, bought from Pat and Tony at the farm shop by Russ.

Yet only a couple of days ago Pat was stunned and bowled over by the wonder of Natasha’s hamper for her containing (gasp) champagne truffles! Didn’t she know that she sells them (for £17.99) in the shop in which she works?


I was wrong, in fact. That was just what the Lowfield summariser wrote, not what was broadcast. As you were, pigs.




Were you?


< sound of distant but fortissimo and hearty raspberry >


I kinda took the pig reference as more ovva ‘that’ll do, Pig’:

I really like this film, not least because Farmer Hogget looks almost exactly like my Grandad (the sheep farmer).
Champagne truffles are a total waste of time, imo.
Soo xx


Why not just have the champagne, and the truffles?


That’s my kinda combination, Hedgers.
Makes sense to me.
Soo xx


Shurely no one’s forgotten the original “As you were, pigs”, from Jazzer?


Och, joe, you’re so Archers.
Yes, I had.
Soo xx


So had not I, which was why I wrote it.


But, Farmer Hogget and everything…Ach, weel, we are all friends, here.
Soo zzzzz


I hadn’t forgotten but was just being, most uncharacteristically, awkward.