C'mon PoshBoy, get yer story straight!

…first you tell Lily that "Billy " sat opposite you in the canteen, then you said he was sitting next to you! …so what gives? …how well did you know him? (…no, no, not in the biblical sense of the word!).

Also, most attempted suicide by hangings are more often than not strangulations. In order to break the neck, it is necessary have what is known as a “long drop”. There have been many treatises on the subject which includes charts and tables of heights, weights etc. etc. An insufficient drop usually results in slow strangulation, whereas an excessive drop can result in decapitation which is a bit messy (…check what happened to some of Saddam Hussein’s buddies courtesy of US Army).

You see the devil is in the details! (I think that’s enuf about hangings for today, Sturmey! - Ed)


You know that, and I know that. But the young people today…


Were we perhaps meant to compare and contrast Freddie, who let Billy down ( no Sturmers, not from the ligature point: behave) and Helen, who ‘saved’ Kaz and even bestowed parental largesse and manky veg upon her after release? Because if we were, they can bugger right off.


Nothing that Freddie said suggested otherwise.

And since Freddie said he’d talked to Billy on more than one occasion, I can’t see any inconsistency there either. Maybe he sat on the other side of the table on the first occasion, and next to him on subsequent or some subsequent occasions.


Lazy. That’s what they are.

Young people. Tssk.