Credits July 8-13

Writer … Adrian Flynn
Director … Gwenda Hughes
Series Editor … Alison Hindell
David Archer … Tim Bentinck
Ruth Archer … Felicity Finch
Josh Archer … Angus Imrie
Kenton Archer … Richard Attlee
Brian Aldridge … Charles Collingwood
Jennifer Aldridge … Angela Piper
Debbie Aldridge … Tamsin Greig
Neil Carter … Brian Hewlett
Susan Carter … Charlotte Martin
Alice Carter … Hollie Chapman
Justin Elliott … Simon Williams
Rex Fairbrother … Nick Barber
Toby Fairbrother … Rhys Bevan
Emma … Emerald O’Hanrahan
Anisha Jayakody … Anneika Rose
Alistair Lloyd … Michael Lumsden
Jim Lloyd … John Rowe
Adam Macy … Andrew Wincott
Kate Madikane … Perdita Avery
Robert Snell … Graham Blockey
Lynda Snell … Carole Boyd
Hannah … Helen Longworth


oh buggering hell, she won’t have buggered off until at least mid next month. Chris, dear Fish, that half-birthday might have to be postponed.

But then I look at the rest of that line-up and I ask myself ‘do you give a stuff?’

‘You do not!’ the cry bounces back.
A murrain, as I may well previously have said, on the lot of them. Murrainier toward the top of the list, reaching peak murrain at positions three, five and 14, never mind 18

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Oh, and Hannah can bugger off too.

“Why?” you cry.

Just besoddingcause, all right?

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Pip, however, is mercifully silent. And I’m quite looking forward to hearing what Debbie might have to say. Will she be pro Brian or not?

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Why should anyone(except Brian, who seems bemused by her in an not entirely healthy or non-incestuous way) care what Debbie, the half-a-French-degree agrigenius, has to say about anything? May the power that orders the planets rot her socks also.

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Dunno why they should, just hope they do! At the very least I hope Debbie tears Kate off a strip and asks what happened to her, Debbie’s, investment.

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