Credits Week May 21-26

| Credits Week May 21-26
| Writer | Adrian Flynn |
| Director | Rosemary Watts |
| Series Editor | Huw Kennair-Jones |
| David Archer | Tim Bentinck |
| Ruth Archer | Felicity Finch |
| Pip Archer | Daisy Badger |
| Josh Archer | Angus Imrie |
| Kenton Archer | Richard Attlee |
| Jolene Archer | Buffy Davis |
| Helen Archer | Louiza Patikas |
| Tom Archer | William Troughton |
| Brian Aldridge | Charles Collingwood |
| Jennifer Aldridge | Angela Piper |
| Lilian Bellamy | Sunny Ormonde |
| Neil Carter | Brian Hewlett |
| Justin Elliott | Simon Williams |
| Rex Fairbrother | Nick Barber |
| Toby Fairbrother | Rhys Bevan |
| Ed Grundy | Barry Farrimond |
| Kirsty Miller | Annabelle Dowler |
| Freddie Pargetter | Toby Laurence |
| Lily Pargetter | Katie Redford |
| Johnny Phillips | Tom Gibbons |
| Lynda Snell | Carole Boyd |
| Anisha Jayakody | Anneika Rose |

Still no Ben.

I am bereft.

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Neil but not Susan! And Anisha is back and speaking. Good, I like her voice and it’s different.

Looking at cast lists for TA in recent times. It is all to easy to mistake TA as a job-creation scheme for the younger family members of well-known actors/actresses in other BBC shows.
I’m just glad there is no suggestion of some sort of proxy nepotism.

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Are you thinking of Angus Imrie and Will Troughton? I am quite prepared to believe the former editor thought it frightfully amusing to have a real father and son playing father and son but I can’t see that Celia Imrie would be bothered pulling strings to get Angus a rather small part in a radio soap. It can’t pay all that much. We’ve heard quite of lot from Josh lately but he hasn’t made that many appearances. Anyhow, I think Angus Imrie is doing a good job with Josh but I am not very impressed by Will Troughton. That might be partly due to the script, of course.

Having said that, wiki says he is best known for playing Josh! So perhaps the part is more of a prize than I thought.

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I can’t see any other explanation for having that peculiarly wooden-voiced female playing Miranda. Not that her old man is doing a particularly good job as Justin, either. And the Troughton sprog is bluddy awful. imo.


I never think of any of them JJ. I find it far too depressing.

The web is your friend when it comes to looking up more distant familial relationships, than parent-child. But I’m saying nothing… :no_mouth:

Come on, don’t be cryptic! Do you mean Justin and Miranda as mentioned by Gus? Or someone else, put me out of my misery, please. Not enough clues to google anything. I can’t very well examine every cast member’s family tree can I? I’m suppose to be packing to go to Victoria, BC at the crack of dawn tomorrow, anyway! :slight_smile:

Have fun in BC. Please leave the place looking neat and tidy.

I gave you a clue-ette in my previous post. They’re not parent-child (and don’t have the same surname)

I can’t tell you anymore… Else how am I going to turn this into a game? :neutral_face:

Do you mean not parent and child, don’t have the same surname and yet not Simon Williams and Lucy Fleming?

Edited to add: Brian and Shula are married as well, but that’s been true for decades.

Well it’s none of those. Just think of the fun you’ll have in BC - where there is nothing else to do, anyway - trying to work this out? :grinning: