Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update April 16-21

April is the cruellest month in Ambridge, stirring Adam to search for his father. Will he find the old man, or is Paddy Redmond now just a handful of dust?
Over at Lower Loxley, among the marble and candelabras, nerves are bad as the slave ship painting causes shouting and frosty silences.
Poor Tracy paces about when visit from the past stirs up memories, while Ben plants a new idea at Brookfield. Will David and Ruth let it sprout and bloom?
Ed and Jim argue about giving Jazzer a good time, something best left buried is dug up, the Bridge Farm Archers muse on the past, present and future, while the Am flows sweetly, and faint moonlight falls across the road winding to the Laurels.

Thanks to LadySusan of The Ambridge Reporter