Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update April 23-28

copied from Sue’s Mustardland with kind permission of maggiesaes

Brian patrols the depleted ranks of his wine fridge and mourns the passing of some fine bottles lost during Lilian’s occupation. As he inspects the troops, he finds that some very decent stuff has survived by chance - but then he sees the chilling sight of Lilian marching back suitcase in hand.
Toby also has cause to mourn over the hard stuff as his gin business goes further into decline, but Rex gives his brother a dressing down and urges him to get back into the fray.
Will picks a fight over the care of a George, Matt goes out on manoeuvres while David - keen to make peace - gets a clear message from Tom as to where he can put his olive branch and Lynda wakes up to an invasion.


This does not sound altogether good. I know that you are only the messenger, Janie, I’m not blamnig you or anything, or not much, anyway.
Pinning all my hopes on Matt’s manoeuvring. As it were.

Why is Rex handing out dressing gowns? Oh, because of The Fray. Ta. Gotcha.


Glad it wasn’t just me reading about dressing gowns, Gus.

I bet Lynda’s invasion is some sort of animal or vegetable pest.

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‘Some sort of animal pest’ doesn’t rule many of the characters out, now does it?
And I am very pleased to be in good misreading company, Hedgers. In fact, I am sure we are right. Reality is a misprint.