Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update April 2nd-7th

Jenny’s handbags and scarves are flaunted in the lanes of Ambridge and the streets of Felpersham. Her meals are defrosted and scoffed at Aldridge tables, while love letters, sent to her, emerge after decades, setting new dramas in motion. Now, from beyond the grave, she throws yet another spanner into the works.
Brian, who’s becoming increasingly confident in the kitchen, invites his assorted family round for a meal. Everything goes well - then, the decision is made to take a beak at Jenny’s will and, yet again, she’s able to show that she may be dead, but she won’t lie down.
Things aren’t that calm over at Bridge Farm either, with temperatures reaching boiling point.

Thanks to LadySusan of The Ambridge Reporter


Brian could start a new business: Dead Jenny’s Ready Meals. (Like that guy who sold bits of “the original tube in which I went over Niagara Falls” for some decades after the event…)


I like it.

Dead Jenny’s Ready Meals: They can’t get any better!