Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update August 28-Sep 2

For the sake of discretion, and in case Jennifer Aldridge is within earshot, let’s call Ruairi and Julianne’s relationship a ‘business arrangement’. Up till now their transactions have taken place a long way from Ambridge, so Ruairi’s been able to keep his affairs out of sight from the village, but now there’s a chance his worlds are about to collide. To add to this general air of sauciness, a missing item of underwear becomes a source of intrigue …
On a more respectable footing, plans for Shula’s big send-off get underway. Alice and Chris are also making plans for Martha’s naming ceremony, but Alice needs to ask Susan for a big favour, which - given their troubled past - will take delicate negotiating.

Thanks to LadySusan of The Ambridge Reporter


How we laughed, in 1970.

Propulsion, go.
Flight, go.
Amcom, go.