Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update Dec 1-6


That minx Tracy, by the way she’s carrying on, may have got the wrong end of the stick about this ‘rewilding’ talk. Her behaviour draws many a disapproving glance, though some of us are always cheered by the sight of a Horrobin in full cry.
While Tracy sets tongues wagging, Helen lets her thoughts drift from ‘cheesy’ matters, and ponders on last week’s blast from the past. Could romance, after all she’s been through, come her way for Christmas? How cheesy would that be?
Christmas in Lower Loxley presents its own problems as Jim, once a reluctant star, turns into a bit of a diva, forcing Elizabeth to turn to Lynda for help.

Thanks to Maggiesaes of ‘The Archers in Mustardland’


…and the latest batch of Mankwold escapes to rampage across the countryside.


Isn’t it traditional for an escaping beast first to savage its keeper before beginning the al fresco rampage?


The phrase “Stop! I created you! You must obey me! Aaaaaaargh!” is also favoured.


Then maybe the privilege should be Henwy’s.
Not that it matters, as long as the outcome is a mangled corpse.


Just the one?