Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update Dec 18-23

One or two Ambridgers labour under the mistaken belief that Christmas is the perfect time to get things off their chests. If you are entertaining a similar notion this Yuletide, take note of what happens in the village over the next few days and think on. Take also heed of birds coming home to roost for Ed and Emma as the reckoning comes in for that recent bit of dodgy dealing.
There’s trouble too over at Brookfield. In past times, Jill kept a steady stream of pies, puddings and roasts coming out of her well-run kitchen and onto the farmhouse Christmas table, but now, David struggles to keep back the culinary chaos while vying with Vince (boo! hiss!) to be the Christmas villain.

Thanks to LadySusan of The Ambridge Reporter


I didn’t notice David being particularly villainous? When was that?


He was being a bit annoying, trying to get Ben to rest all the time. That’s all I remember, hardly villainous. Gave Ruth one more chance to bad-mouth him, didn’t it?


Does Ruth actually like or support anybody in her family? Or rather the family she married into, since she seems to have no known living relations or else they have all very sensibly gone NC with her? She has even attacked and denigrated Pip on a couple of occasions; she is habitually unpleasant and snide about David, likewise Josh; until recently she didn’t appear to be aware that Ben even existed; she has resented and been jealous of Jill for decades; and her dislike of Elizabeth and distaste for Shula have been obvious.

It’s possible that she gets on with Kenton, at least in that they both clearly dislike all his siblings…


Being reluctantly fair to Ruth, I despise them all too; but at least I didn’t marry or give birth to any of them.