Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update Dec 29-Jan 3

At this time of year, Nigel Pargetter’s dying scream seems to resound through the attics and chimneys of Lower Loxley and mingle with the winds that howl over the ancient burial mounds on Lakey Hill. Perhaps his looking for company and is the real cause of the death that brings an outpouring of grief - not all of it genuine - to Ambridge this week. Have Nigel’s cold fingers, which failed to gain a safe hold on the ancestral gutters, also put a curse on Jim, making the prof too ill to read any ghost stories in the haunted attics?
While the late Mr Pargetter moans and frets, Kirsty moans and frets about Gavin, the ‘rewilding’ of Ambridge is under threat, and Harrison has shocking news.

Thanks to Maggiesaes of ‘The Archers in Mustardland’


(wot, agane already?) Jolly good.


I think the rewilding of Ambridge is a very good idea. Have the whole lot up and put in nettles and nightshade.


I love that first paragraph! It fair sent a shiver through these ancient timbers and “ancient burial mounds on Lakey Hill” bring echoes H.P. Lovecraft to this mind…

“…curse on Jim” (…yes! yes! I like it! - Ed)

…oh no not the soddin’ Bunting again? …or Eccles?