Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update Dec 4-9

Over at Brookfield, they are all reeling from last week’s events. Leonard has been doing his best to help bear the burden, but then he hears a heartbreaking confession and starts to buckle under the strain. Pip does her bit by stepping up for her family, but there’s not that much that can be done given the circumstances.
It’s not all sweetness and light among the Horrobins at the moment either as Jazzer and Tracy hit another bump in life’s road, while Chelsea and Brad do what they can to smooth it out.
Meanwhile, Kirsty and Mick find themselves singing from the same song sheet, Emma’s nose is put out of joint, Eddie sees a chance to make money and yet again, life for one resident will never be the same again.

Thanks to LadySusan of The Ambridge Reporter


Which resident was that then? Out of a cast of thousands, um, I mean eighteen?




If Ruth and David really are going to be ‘here for him, every moment’ etc. it’ll certainly make a change anyway. The poor sod.


After a few weeks of that he will run away to sea.

But I thought he would have been covered under “Over at Brookfield” and it must be someone else.


Well the younger son running away to sea is traditional for Brookfield families. Oh no, hang on it should be the older one!