Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update Feb 2-7


Ambridgers pull curtains, turn off lights, and hide behind sofas as Kate, Peggy and their demon tribe of cats look for lodgings after a boiler malfunction. Jakob ends up letting them into his pristine home, then finds prising Kate out a tricky task.
Josh struggles to find his role in his home and, with all the gossip and whispering, is ill at ease in the village.
Home life is also awkward for Kirsty and Philip as the giant cuckoo that is Gavin stirs up trouble in their nest.
More outsiders are expected at The Pub With No Name - which could help to boost the takings, but inflames La Snell - while Alice gets shocking news, Freddie makes a fool of himself, Rex gets angry and Lee makes a confession.

Thanks to Maggiesaes of ‘The Archers in Mustardland’


…Oi loikes it! :wink:


…is there an echo in here? …in here? …in here? …here?


…oh dear, poor Clarri.E-Coli-luv having problems again? :roll_eyes::thinking::thinking::thinking:


…I think the word is clowder, dere! :wink:


cham clowder?


…well, that’s as maybe, but in Baaaastan it’s chowdaaaaah! (…just sayin’) :wink:


No gin ?