Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update - Feb 6-10

The run-up to Valentine’s Day can be a trying time for those who live on the other side of the dark and swirling waters of the mighty Am. Flyers for The Bull’s coming romantic event leave some villagers wondering if it’s worth shaving their legs and investing in new undercrackers ahead of the big bash. Hopes are raised in some hearts, but salt is rubbed in the wounds of others.
And who is more wounded than Kirsty? This will be a painful week for her as Tom breaks the news that his Welsh wife is pregnant, leaving Kirsty to deal with a deluge of regrets. Will a heartfelt gift from an unexpected quarter ease her pain?
Meanwhile, Chelsea jumps the gun by getting herself a date ahead of Valentine’s Day.

Thanks to LadySusan of ‘The Ambridge Reporter’


“It’s called curare, dear.”


…the poor bloody listener.


More so than any other time?

I mean, yes, it’s a Katie Hims week. But would a Tim Stimpson or Adrian Flynn week be any better?

I’m reminded of the chap who wrote a wrapper to stretch the BBC radio 4 live stream by a few minutes per day and then reset so that it would skip over Thought for the Day. Surely something similar could be achieved for TA? ×1.0086806 should just about do it.