Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update Feb 9-14

Back in the day when Shula was a loose filly, Caroline still walked the Borsetshire earth and Lillian was unfettered, the horses of Ambridge got a thorough work-out. From dawn until sunset, Ambridge steeds would be galloped up and down Lakey Hill, in full pursuit of any male who had blundered over the mighty Am.
But those days are long gone and the horses of Ambridge grow fat. While Jakob and Alistair do what they can for the roly-poly ponies, Freddie and Ben do what they can to bring some of that wild spirit back - but are thwarted.
But perhaps all is not lost? That Emma, known to be a bit of a bolter, seems to be in pursuit of a recent recruit to the Ambridge herd.


So Emma has her eye on either Gavin or Rex, but Rex isn’t in next week’s cast list.

Gavin then.

It’s taken her longer than I thought to eye up her next victim - shortage of Grundys, I suppose.