Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update February 12-17

Brian broods - as well he might - over his cavalier attitude to Jenny. Marriage was, for her, often a pillowful of tears; gallantly, she’d dry her eyes and soldier on, making the best of things. Now, racked by guilt and grief, the ageing widower can’t bring himself to organise her funeral and scuttles away at the light of any Ambridgers offering him a shoulder to cry on. The only person Brian really wants to deal with is Ruairi, who - as we all know, but Brian doesn’t - has his reasons for being evasive.
As the family wade their way through a somewhat polluted lake of bitter tears, other villagers doll themselves up ahead of Valentine’s Day, while Freddie cues up tracks and gets ready to play Cupid at The Bull.

Thanks to Lady Susan of The Ambridge Reporter