Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update February 19-24

Soon, Ben will crunch down the gravel path to the Laurels. He should be very, very careful. Many an Ambridger has taken that shrub-lined route, never to be heard of again. While he gropes his way through the strange mist that surrounds the Laurels, Brian stumbles towards a new life. He hangs around with Roy and Kirsty - perhaps a little more than they would like - and is on the receiving end of some brutally frank advice from Adil. He also hosts a dinner party, which, without the culinary skills of Jenny, may prove a challenge for both Brian and his guest.
Meanwhile, Susan, keen to both help out and butt in, gets in on the funeral arrangements, which will set Jenny whirling in her grave - once she gets in it.

Thanks to Lady Susan of The Ambridge Reporter