Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update February 26-March 3

It’s time to join the mourners as they totter up the path to St Stephen’s for Jenny’s final and unusual farewell. Brian, having shilly-shallied over sorting out her funeral, seems as reconciled as he can be to his loss, but a sartorial quandary makes him realise just how much he relied on his much-wronged wife.
While Ambridge mourns the dead, Ben soldiers on, up the gravel drive to the home of the living dead that goes by the name of The Laurels; he is paying a high price for his moment of madness with Chelsea.
Meanwhile, Freddie and Noluthando team up, Tony and Lilian have a talk about grave matters, and Sergeant Harrison Burns dreams of a different way of life.

Thanks to Lady Susan of The Ambridge Reporter


MTP, Crye’s, or ACU to go with the sniper rifle?