Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update Jan 16-20

A night on the town with Alice can be a tense affair. Has she got a couple of miniatures stowed away in her handbag? Is that just tonic water she’s drinking? Are all those trips to the loo a cover? So, when Alice plans a night out with Phoebe and Lily, many Ambridgers get edgy - and the glaziers of Borsetshire prepare for a boom in business. The night out does turn out to be a tricky fixture, but not in the way that anyone expected.
Then, another socially fraught occasion looms when The Bull invites suggestions for Valentine’s Day, and gets a pitch that proves surprisingly dangerous.
Meanwhile, Jazzer tackles his finances, and Hazel’s new tenant is revealed.

Thanks to LadySusan of ‘The Ambridge Reporter’


[citation needed]

“VD at The Bull”