Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update Jan 21-26

How quickly things change in Ambridge. One minute, the Businessperson of the Year is preening in front of his rather dashing photo and the next he’s a social pariah. Jennifer grovels away as best she can, but gossip is spreading.
Lilian tries to get her own life back on a firm footing by inviting Latif to a drinks party, but both sisters are ill suited to fence mending and neither campaign goes well.
Noluthando waves goodbye to Ambridge having stirred up all kinds of trouble, while Toby struggles with the concept of being a responsible adult.
Alice is low in spirits, Susan has bigger worries on her plate than the kefir, Jim goes a-sleuthing, Roy stands by Lexi, and Adam and Ian tackle a thorny matter.

Thanks to Maggiesaes from the Bowman Board