Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update Jan 6-11

Cast your mind back just a few years when David was so flush with dosh he was able to lend a big wedge of it to Kenton.
Now, up at Brookfield, belts are being tightened, so David decides it’s time Kenton coughed up. Good luck with that.
Funds are also low - despite Jill’s guilt money - in Alistair’s sponsorship chest, but Jazzer, Philip and Kirsty have a cunning plan for the Half Marathon Man.
There are money worries yet again for the Grundys when Eddie finds himself undercut for work and Joe frets about his future at Grange Farm, while Jennifer’s birthday party - once an excuse for throwing money around at Home Farm - is fraught with tension.
Meanwhile Natasha, whom we do not trust, schemes away.

Thanks to Maggiesaes from ‘The Archers in Mustardland’