Daily Mail Weekend magazine Archers update June 11-16

James and Leonie arrive in Ambridge in the mood to turn Lynda’s 70th birthday party into a ding-dong event - and more than exceed themselves. Things are said that cannot be unsaid, lines are drawn in the Axminster, and two of Ambridge’s most powerful matriarchs square up across the canapés.
There’s a bombshell up at Brookfield, courtesy of Josh, while ill will and rumour fly up and down about the new housing development.
Lillian’s extravagant nest-building activities are blighted by the arrival of the ever demanding Bellamy cuckoo, while Rex and Anisha try a bit of pair-bonding.
Matt circles round the village, looking for trouble, and the IBR nightmare continues.
Meanwhile, two wandering Ambridgers - perhaps I’ll-advisedly, given the current mood - struggle to find their way home.