Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update June 9-14

Those of us who were present at Jim’s tribute night will spend many a happy hour dwelling on the whole sorry fiasco. The ructions echo around the village, drowning out the news that the great bunting mystery is solved and muffling an explosion from the bombshell dropped by Peggy into her already fractious family.
More squeals and cries can be heard - even from the top of Lakey Hill - as Pat,Susan and the unsuitably dressed Lilian form a posse to round up some weaners.
The clear and authoritative tones of Natasha sound out as she abandons giving the Bridge Farm livestock a make-over and takes charge of Open Farm Sunday.
Meanwhile,Adam, making the most of his last few unbroken nights, prepares the nursery and waits.

Thanks to Maggiesaes from ‘The Archers in Mustardland’


Meh. A lot of filler and drivel, is what that suggests to me.


Yes, unless Peggy’s bombshell has more impact than Jill’s which, in case it was was too dull to be remembered, was that she would not be doing the teas for Open Farm Sunday.


A lot more filler & drivel, Gus…



She’s planning to marry Leonard & moving out and taking her cook books with her & will leave 30 or so take-away leafletsin their place.

Unfortunately Lenny will die just before the wedding.

You 'eard it 'ere furst.