Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update Mar 27-31

Brian used to stride around Borchester in his cravat and caddish shoes, on the lookout for opportunities - of all kinds. Back then, he was described as dashing and ruthless as he snaffled up land, sacked workers and broke hearts. Now, though, Brian appears to be sticking up for the underdog as he goes head to head with Justin to save Berrow Farm. Is it because he’s fighting for the future of Hannah, Jazzer and Neil, or does Brian just like sticking it to Justin?
With all this jiggery-pokery about the piggery going on, Tom the Sausage King spots a chance to bring home the bacon.
Meanwhile, gossip about Chris and Amy flies up and down, Jazzer finds a supporter, and the thud of Kate on the warpath sends tremors through Ambridge.

Thanks to LadySusan of The Ambridge Reporter