Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update March 19th-24th

Will you be taking up Helen’s invitation to visit the Bridge Farm dairy? It might be worth trying to cross the mighty Am to get a glimpse of Adam in a hairnet, or Susan and Clarrie having a ding-dong over the yoghurt. Watch out if you go for George, who, with his 18th birthday approaching, has a cunning plan to milk some money out of the new dairy wheeze. Best not to bring a dog with you, as Harrison is all churned up about recent attacks on the livestock of Borsetshire. You might, on your trip, catch a glimpse of the recently returned Debbie, gritting her teeth and staring fixedly across the Aldridge acres as she tries to keep her relationship with her stepfather from turning sour.

Thanks to Lady Susan of The Ambridge Reporter


That last sentence is grade-A horsefeathers. Debbie made absolutely no effort whatsoever to be even faintly civil to Brian. He was the one who was trying to stop things from turning sour; she simply attacked him for no reason whatever and said absolutely unforgivable things, and even after that he was still prepared to try to get through to her.

Gah. This “Brian is only, ever and always evil” garbage is irritating.