Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update March 26th-31st

The spring sunshine stirs up the old foxes of Ambridge sending them nosing round the village. Brian,the most furtive of them, is up to something. He shows every sign of settling into his new routine, but won’t let anyone in on his plans, operating on the sly.
Justin, the most cunning one, startles Lilian and Alice with his scheme to ‘move with the times’, while Jim noses around for clues and Oliver licks his wounds.
Over in Grundy land, Will and Ed work out what George is up to, but their sticky past proves an obstacle.
Meanwhile, Natasha, usually on the lookout for money-making wheezes, wonders if a lucrative offer concerning the twins might be a bridge too far for Bridge Farm.

Thanks to LadySusan of The Ambridge Reporter


Going out for the day is not “operating on the sly”, for God’s sake!


The battery in his ankle monitor has run down. He could be anywhere!


And now we know. When is he going to get that deadbolt?


When is he going to learn how to say, “No, Alice, it’s not convenient for you to come in; I’m busy. I’ll give you a ring later”?