Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update - March 4-9

Horrified by the state of Home Farm, Kate accepts a group of inner-city children to Spiritual Home, hoping to turn them into cash. Should these kiddies, unused to country ways,be exposed to the grim reality of Ambridge life?
While these problems fester, the village lanes are busy. Jennifer trots up and down with baskets of goodies, feeding Lexi as if she were a brood mare. Cheery Borsetshire vintners roll out the barrels for Chris and Alice’s dinner party, bumping into brown-overalled men from Underwoods, who are delivering white goods to Fallon and Harrison’s love nest. Shula sulks, inter-Grundy skirmishes break out and Toby and Josh scheme.

Thanks to Maggiesaes from The Archers in Mustardland Board


“Don’t think of them as children. Think of them as fleshy sacks full of valuable transplant organs.”

Wouldn’t that be “little, and carefully”? Maybe I should check the manual…