Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update March 5th-10th

Jennifer, as we all know, had a past; now, boxes of that past are spilling out all over the present. Brian’s approach to his late wife’s belongings has not gone down well with Adam, so now he and Ian have taken on the task of sifting through Jenny’s stuff. There’s one box that’s of particular significance for Jenny’s various offspring, and one item that sets Adam’s mind racing.
Freddie is also send into overdrive by an intriguing find at Lower Loxley, while Helen - and this will get you all on the edge of your seats - has EXCITING PLANS FOR THE DAIRY! Let’s still our beating hearts on that one and turn our attentions to Lily, who has news for Elizabeth, and Kate, who has a surprise for Brian.

Thanks to Lady Susan of The Ambridge Reporter


Adam is an intolerable creep. I hope he now leaves the programme to look for Paddy Redmond in Northern Ireland, where Paddy has not lived for at least fifty years, rather than the south of England where Paddy was living and working when he was last heard from.

I didn’t notice Kate having a surprise for Brian; seemed to me that Brian surprised her by knowing what she was planning before she had got round to telling him.