Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update May 12-17

Lenten money and bunting should be kept under armed guard in the hotbed of crime which is Ambridge; they have a nasty habit of disappearing.
A hue and cry goes up for the thief who’s taking the gaily coloured triangular flags, while money worries wash up at many a door.
Kenton and David finally have the financial showdown that Kenton has been avoiding, Jazzer thrashes around the countryside, looking for ways to scratch up some cash, and Freddie realises how his actions have drained the Lower Loxley coffers dry.
Tom, shackled to a wife who treats money with the contempt she feels it deserves, gnaws his fingers down to the knuckles, worrying about the future, while Will, despite last week’s meltdown, pretends all is well.

Thanks to Maggiesaes from ‘The Archers in Mustardland’


The Money Fairy has been sacked to, er, save money?

Yes, suddenly causing Mum to have to pay a few thousand pounds is definitely not the act of a dutiful offspring.

Oh, don’t stop there just for our sake.


I’m looking forward to Kenton’s ‘home truths’ speech. He’s got a noive, hasn’t he, if he’s talking to Freddie about money and yes, Lily’s little surprise has been totally swept under the carpet unless, as I hope, it hasn’t.