Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update May 13-18

At Lower Loxley, Freddie is floundering in fibs, while twin sister Lily reveals her own guilty secret.
At the Stables Alistair has his own confession to make - is Shula ready to hear this? - and at Bridge Farm, relationships curdle and the cheese-making lessons turn sour.
Over at Home Farm matters get even worse as Brian tries to dig himself out of the giant hole that is threatening the very foundations of the Aldridge family.
A new housemate pitches in with Tom and Johnny at 1 The green, while at Grange Farm, an unfamiliar noise is heard - Will’s laughter.

Thanks to Maggiesaes from ‘The Archers in Mustardland’ Board


Will laughing? Makes my blood run cold just thinking of it :wink:


Hello and welcome, NG.
To be fair, Will hasn’t a huge amount to laugh about. If the actor used a less unpleasant accent (and was a better actor, ahem), I wonder if people would be so hard on the character?


I second that welcome to NelsonG.

I don’t mind Will’s weird accent but I can hardly claim that as a virtue since nothing, absolutely nothing, can redeem Ruth’s character for me which is not quite entirely due to the actor’s cod accent and crap performance - I will give some credit to the storywriters who simply by writing the words she is given to utter manage to make her quite unpleasant even without the aforementioned accent and acting. So as far as I am concerned Ruth cannot win. Ditto re: Pip/Daisy Badger.

Can’t figure out why I can’t summon up a similar dislike for Will, but I can’t. Perhaps it’s because Fate keeps after him whereas Ruth and Pip always manage to land on their feet, dammit.


Yeah. Coz moi Nic can’t laugh any more can she ???

Welcome Mr. Gabriel


Well Ms. Badger could present me with the Euro Millions roll-over cheque & I’d still not be impressed. As for the characters I think, for me, it’s that they are so dislikable yet we’re constantly told they aren’t.

Will is an idiot but no-one pretends he isn’t.


Perhaps finding that he still has a job, house and his children will be enough to give him a total personality change?


Moi Nic doesn’t have a house any more!

Actually, she might, if she went to the right place. ‘In my Father’s house are many mansions’. (How do you get the mansions into the house, I always wondered. But I suppose if you’re God …)


Ooooh. Tell Emma. She can get her own house if she carks it.

Good grief she’ll be jealous of Nic now !!


Snorkity snork, Armers, that’s so true!


It wouldn’t be total, because Will has always had a streak of generosity to go with his honesty – the personality change is his having lied to the police about Nic having broken the law. He would have told her that she needed to tell the police, in any previous storyline.