Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update May 20-15


This is the week the pickers arrive, bringing with them romantic possibilities, fresh plot lines, Brexit themed debates and, in the case of Constantine, health worries for the friskier ladies. Many of those gals are currently out of the running, however. Lily is tied up with her foray into artistic matters, Kate has a bizarre scheme that would even put a player like Constantine off his stroke, and Phoebe has bolted.
Meanwhile, Lynda is dragged through the landscape by this weeks dog, and a run-in at Underwoods between Jennifer and another formidable Borsetshire matron affects the land deal.
Jazzer, Jim and Joe have musical differences, Will finds Andrew has upped the ante and Tom makes a move.

Thanks to Angie from ‘The Archers in Mustardland’ Board


Thanks as ever for posting, Janie.
But ‘Borcetshire’ - wtf is wrong with these people. Just com up vrom Somercet, have they? Gah!


That would be Zumercet, wouldn’t it?

(quickly changing ‘effect’ to ‘affect’ before Gus notices.)


You might have stuck that missing ‘e’ from ‘come’ in for me while you were about it, Dahlink. But yes. Zummercet, you have a good point there. And if you are not careful I shall post songs by The Wurzels until you beg for mercy. Or possibly ‘merzy’ as in ‘get me to Liverpool, quick, it can’t be worse than this’…



Janie dere, please note it was the sparrer wot dun this.


And you all saw me do it. I was definitely here at 9.36 pm and not, to take a purely random and hypothetical example, tunnelling under the jewellers’ shop in the High Street.