Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update May 21-26

Many thanks to LadySusan!

The old rhythms and ancient ways are still practised in Ambridge - and Justin, though very much a 21st-century man, still has time for them. Miranda has been set aside, Lillian is putting down roots, and a fresh crop of would-be PAs is gathered. Lillian, when she discovers this, is not amused.
Toby, who’s been running to seed since he broke up with Pip, feels it’s time to renew himself. He shaves off his stubble,gets trim down the gym, and pushes on with his gin scheme. This may well fall on stony ground with Pip, who is reaping a bitter harvest up at Brookfield, where an already angry Josh takes a turn for the hostile.
Meanwhile, a new scheme for the Berrow Farm ploughs up bad memories for Jennifer.

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