Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update May 29-June 3

Brian, like some demon king, can make vast swathes of Ambridge disappear. Three Home Farm cottages, one spiritual home and a sizeable farmhouse appeared to have been wiped off the map during Brian’s encounter with Aaron, the forensic accountant. Those properties have been dragged back from the invisible world, thanks to Chris, and while Brian scowls, weddings and Jubilee jubilations steam ahead, with merriment filling the air, broken only by the occasional scream from Chelsea, who’s been working on her arachnophobia.
Meanwhile, Jim reacts oddly to some news, leaving Alistair trying to get to the bottom of the matter, while Roy worries that an honest admission may come back to bite him.

Thanks to LadySusan of The Ambridge Reporter


Maybe it’s nanite disassembler fog. Would make a lot of sense, really.