Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update May 7-12

Ever anxious to augment his diet, Big Bill is prowling the hedgerows of Ambridge, when there’s a screech of brakes, a howl of cat and a tricky case for new vet, Anisha. Will the new vet be able to save the fat feline and earn Peggy’s undying gratitude?
Rex plays a cat and mouse game with the re-installed Toby who is planning to lure Pip up to the somewhat overcrowded bachelor bungalow.
Lilian rocks up to her old bolt hole, giving a frazzled Brian further fears for his wine stock.
Jill, now aware of Brookfield’s rocky finances, wonders if she can save the situation, while Matt sets his own trap for the rather racy Latif Hussain. Latif, however, has the inside track on Matt and may not take the bait.


oh gawd…


To which particular bit? Bill? Or just all of it?

Jill Saving the Day has me rather in the dumps. And nary a hint that Pip gets outed.


All of it except the Lilian thing - as long as it’s not a rerun of the sidesplitting ‘turning up with a suitcase’ episode - and the Matt/Latif bit makes the heart sink like a stone.

Which is probably pure physics, come to think of it.


Surely stones can’t sink in Ambridge? They more likely float upstream and out to sea.


Nah, they drift around with the wind until they’ve accreted into a new bedroom for someone.

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