Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update Nov 12-17

The list of suspects is long. Matt’s ability to make enemies in Ambridge and across the world will make the investigation into the Hunt Ball incident complex. Rumour and suspicion fly up and down and even Peggy has something to hide.
Villagers watch the traffic on the lookout for suspicious dents and dodgy resprays - that’s the entire Grundy fleet then - while Alan struggles against the darkness that envelopes Ambridge.
Road safety has suddenly shot to the top of the political agenda with Robert and Emma using Matt’s fate as election fodder.
Lilian stalks the village gathering evidence and looking for justice. This leads to an epic confrontation and surprise admission that leads to the scales falling from her eyes.
Meanwhile Roy is beset with regret.

Thanks to maggiesaes from the Bowman board


a mishtake, shurely? ‘Bested by egrets’ would be so much more enjoyable. Something with a beak should peck his vitals, anyway.


What was in those flipping bags ?


No, that’s all wrong. What people should be saying is “Him? Lovely bloke, not heard a thing against him. Well, he had to have my head nailed to the coffee table, I’d broken the unwritten rule.”

Lynda has forced everyone to switch to fluorescent light bulb replacements?

“If you think you might have enemies in the village, wear a dark grey jacket when you go out at night.”