Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update Nov 18-23


Wrap up warm if you’re involved in the Canterbury Tales rehearsal as that silly little heater, as we all guessed, proves worse than useless. If Lynda decides to include the Miller’s Tale in the show, someone’s in for a very numbing night indeed.
Cold winds of fear blow through the corridors of very much Lower Loxley as the toll of the various disasters mount. Lily does what she can while counting the cost of her very ill-advised affair with Ross. The Hunt Ball looms, an event that has, over the years, seen more than it’s fair share of mayhem and flowing claret - try to get a ticket if you can.
Meanwhile, Ben bonds, Roy struggles, Will is troubled and a crime is committed.

Thanks to Maggiesaes from ‘The Archers in Mustardland’


Wot, again?


And it’s always just crimes against common sense, never a bit of old-fashioned murderin’.


Yes … by the script writers & most of the actors.


So. It HAS come tumbling down. Good. May she never recover from her foolishness.


Romeo and Juliet, are together in eternity…


Don’t get yer hopes up: a disappointed wee bird is a saddening sight.


Wasn’t it after the Hunt Ball last year that Matt was run down?