Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update Nov 3-8


An Influential cheese-maker brings a glow of hope for cheese fame into Helen’s life, while another character comes out of the shadows - Russ’s wife.
While these two bit players enjoy their moment in the spotlight, Ambridge bids farewell to one of its leading lights. Joe Grundy’s funeral will be a fine moment in the village annals, though not without its complications as Jim frets, Emma helps out and Eddie tries to fulfil his grandfather’s wishes.
Freddie, meanwhile, gets things ablaze at the stables, and his twin sister stokes her rage with liberal helpings of alcohol.


…ah, shades of ABlazing Grace? (…it’s déjà-vu, all over again!¹)

¹ © Yogi Berra (mid 20th century)


I predict that Lily will be a little put out by Russ’s wife appearing

This will be fun to hear


Yes, looking forward to a long-overdue hissy fit from Lily at Russ. If that’s what it is. Shame Mummy’s become so reliant on him. If Lily wants to kick him out of Lower Loxley, she may have a fight on her hands. Since Elizabeth has finished with her therapy, Russ is going to be her Emotional Support Animal, isn’t he?


I think the application forms would make fascinating reading, n’est-ce pas?


Quick, name three influential cheese-makers.


Phil A’Delphia

Hal Loumi

Maureen (Mo to her friends) Zinnia Zarella


And (how could I forget her) Em Mental, of course.


…er, um Cheddar George?


Some people are going to be sent to bed with no supper if they aren’t careful.


Ah well, that won’t stop me tonight.

Not hungry.


Then you, dere, will be sent to bed with mountains of supper if you don’t have a care.