Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update Nov 4 - 9

We had high hopes this summer of the fruit-pickers bringing their usual gift of unresolved sexual tensions to the plots of Ambridge, but they rather let us down. Now, The Bull seeks bar staff for Christmas, raising the hope of fresh blood from beyond the mighty Am to liven things up.
Hopes that the curse of Lower Loxley has been played out are dashed as yet more horror emerges after the Halloween disaster, while further woes - not just from Hilda - stalk Christine.
Neil, like a character in a Thomas Hardy novel, is caught between his wife’s ambitions and his own conscience. Roy’s hopes are raised, Ben and Ruari are in the doghouse and Natasha makes enemies; meanwhile, Lynda, oblivious to Ambridge’s many plots, pursues her own drama.


You can’t have Citz back. She escaped.


“Yet more horror” at LL.

The rotting corpse of Titchenor is finally found ???


Looks as though Natasha is going to be mean to Tony, that’s bad, but let’s hope she gets in a few digs at Helen’s miserable cheese and the proposed micro-dairy.

And blimey, why on earth does Ambridge need fresh blood? To replace those they’ve buried under the patio, I suppose, including Lewis, Kathy, Jamie, Mike, Vicky, Bethany, Hayley, Brenda (gosh, when you list it you realise quite what they’ve done to the Tucker family). Fresh blood worked so well with the Fairbrothers and Anisha, didn’t it?