Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update November 14-18

Clarrie’s hands are red and swollen from her years of hard toil. It’s a struggle for her to get the engagement ring, that she had to buy for herself, over her finger - and her years trying to keep the Grundy family afloat have taken their toll.
Despite all this - and not forgetting Eddie’s various dodgy schemes and infatuation with Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jo-lee-ee-ene - Clarrie’s still throwing herself into the whole vow renewal farrago. The rest of the village, desperate for some light relief, are also behind the caper, which means that things quickly start to spiral out of control.
Meanwhile, there’s little to celebrate at Willow Farm, where Kirsty, burdened with worries, drops a bombshell. Will Lynda’s efforts to hep the much put-upon Kirsty do more harm than good!

Thanks to LadySusan of ‘The Ambridge Reporter’