Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update Oct 27-Nov 1

A flicker of hope takes hold in Grundy hearts, fanned by the letter sent to them from beyond the grave by Joe. Will they at last come to rule over Ambridge - or at least have enough cash to keep the Grundys’ home fires burning?
While they go on the trail of the letter’s writer, Shula writes her autobiographical work as part of her ordination process. Will her back-stabbing fling with Usher’s old flame figure in the prissy bell-ringer’s work?
Alice does her bit to fan the flames of love when she launches a campaign to get Jakob and Kate back together.
Meanwhile,Tracy’s ears burn as rumours spread and, as the Halloween night deepens, Jim tells Robert an old ghost story-and gets an unexpected reaction.

Thanks to Maggiesaes of ‘The Archers in Mustardland’


No. Next?


You can see the spoiler writer is struggling to make the week sound interesting!