Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update Oct 6-11

The Autumn leaves drift down, ripe apples fall and the Grundys prepare to make their famous cider. It’s usually a happy time for the troubled family, but a sad event means that there will some salt tears in this year’s batch.
As the Grundys bid a poignant goodbye, Emma proffers an olive branch when she pays her respects.
Ian and Adam have a very different dilemma when Kate offers to babysit. Best of luck with that one.
The Fairbrothers, who, as a family are no slouches when it comes to courting, find themselves out of their depth when they discover that Rex’s ageing boar can’t cut the mustard.
As the Fairbrother brothers seek a solution, Elizabeth puts forward a Christmas scheme to Lynda, and is stunned by La Snell’s response.